30th November 2020

Commercial Property Market Review – November 2020

Overseas investors return to the market A recent ‘UK Commercial Market in Minutes‘ from Savills reveals that investment volumes totalled £7.2bn in the third quarter of the year, this represents a 55% increase on the previous quarter. Despite this uptick in Q3, these volumes were around half the normal level seen in this period previously. […]

17th November 2020

In the news

Are you on the ball? ScamSmart campaign targets football fans In the last three years, over £30m has been lost to pension scammers, with losses ranging from under £1,000 to £500,000, with some rare cases topping the £1m marker. A new ScamSmart campaign is aimed at football fans, after discovering they are highly likely to […]

Have you saved during lockdown?

If so, you’re part of 37% of the UK population who managed to put away more money during lockdown, as daily expenditure on commuting and leisure activities dramatically decreased. What’s more, it looks like Britain’s growing army of savers are here to stay, with 36% stating they aim to keep cutting costs post-lockdown1. Could savings […]

10th November 2020

ISA – 21 not out

When the Individual Savings Account (ISA) was launched in 1999, the allowance was £3,000 for a cash ISA or £7,000 for a stocks and shares ISA each tax year. Now at the grand old age of 21, the overall allowance has risen to a generous £20,000. In the early days, choice was limited to either […]

Small island living – rediscovering what we already have

In recent weeks, there has been an 800% rise in Brits searching for ‘Staycation UK’, as the uncertainty surrounding international travel during the pandemic continues to prevail1. Appreciating what you already have… Destinations such as Plymouth, the Isle of Wight and Exeter are expected to recover quickly due to the staycation tourism boost, according to […]

6th November 2020

Economic Review – October 2020

UK recovery slows The latest gross domestic product (GDP) statistics show that, while the UK recovery did continue in August, the pace of growth has slowed and output still remains significantly below pre-coronavirus levels. Data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed the UK economy grew by 2.1% in August. A significant proportion […]

4th November 2020

Getting financially fit for a new way of life

With millions of people having been affected financially by the pandemic, it’s possible that your finances no longer match your lifestyle and needs, so take some time to review your situation to keep on track. Budget and debt planning – Regularly review your income and outgoings, particularly if your circumstances have changed; also make sure […]

29th October 2020

Commercial Property Market Review – October 2020

Google commits to London office space Although the multinational US tech giant has informed its 4,500 staff in the UK they will be working from home until at least summer 2021, Google has reportedly committed to leasing an additional 70,000 sq. ft. in office space in London, located near its new £1bn UK headquarters. Currently […]

27th October 2020

The intergenerational impact of coronavirus

The pandemic has touched the lives of billions of people. Everybody, it seems, has been impacted in some way. However, evidence shows that the pandemic has affected different age groups in very different ways. A recent report1 indicates that although older generations have suffered the greatest health impact, young people have borne the social and […]

21st October 2020

Titanic disaster led to historic life insurance payouts

When the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic hit an iceberg and sank in 1912, life and accident insurance companies lost $3,464,111, according to a contemporary article published in The Shore Press. The accident led to some of the largest insurance payouts ever, with the beneficiaries of business magnate John B. Thayer receiving a total accident insurance payout of […]